1. This is a personal blog website of Gideon Gasulas Buniel. You can read here various stuffs related to Technology, Vlogs. Film/Videos and Conspiracy Theories.
  2. In technology aspect, I will be sharing with you my knowledge about the technologies I have built by far and possible discussions on the current state of technology. We can share things related to Arduino Programming for Arduino Microcontrollers, Automation using this hardware and incorporation of other devices. We will talk more also about Network Engineering and other programming languages like python and perl as this progresses.
  3. Vlogs section is all about the video blogs I will be doing which will cover anything under the sun. This is on personal basis but I am looking forward to have travel vlogs and more parties that we can cover.
  4. Film and Videos section demonstrates my other side which reflects to things I want before such as being part of a short film or relevant videos that I have created or competed.
  5. I also would like to post things regarding conspiracy theories that will cover such as the government, are we really alone in this universe?, and other discussions that trigger our curiosity.
  6. I am looking forward to making this personal blog website a more informative one. Thank you and enjoy Hyper Gidz!

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