BattleBot STI College Surigao

This is a smaller version of the famous BattleBot competition as seen on the international TV. This is mainly operated using Gizduino Microcontroller, motors and motor drivers, SMPS, and Universal Remote Controller.

Check out its video:


Keypad Password Lock System (Changeable Password)

This is a Keypad Password Lock System in which you can also change password anytime. There are 9 numbers to use from 1-9 and the asterisk (*) is for password confirmation, the number sign (#) or hashtag is for password reset and the number zero (0) is used to change password if you would like it to change.

This project is mainly controlled through Gidzduino microcontroller and its communicating components such as the buzzer and solenoid lock. The relay module is a driving module to connect with the lock and buzzer then it is displayed on the LCD, that uses I2C to communicate with the microcontroller, with Red and Green LED indicators.

To power this up,  SMPS and stable 12V power supply is used. Lastly, the Keypad makes this project possible. For more information, watch the link below: